Jason Clukey


  • Championships at the Winter Equestrian Festival
  • Quality imports from Europe
  • Successful lesson program and show program for the past 7 years

When it comes to selecting a choice of feed either for your personal horse or as in my case a barn full there are a wide selection of feed companies available these days. Having been involved in horses basically my whole life and running my own farm for the last 8 years I have tried all the popular brands of feed companies out there, but the reason why the Seminole Wellness Feed has been my choice for the last 7 years is the diversity that the line has to offer. I find that most barns are only able to offer a basic selection of feeds not by choice but by brand. Within the first month of switching my horses over to the Seminole Wellness line I immediately noticed a difference in the horses overall appearance weight and coat wise. Also which I found most beneficial were some of the “hotter” horses become much more relaxed and quiet. That is the beauty of the Seminole Wellness Feed line it offers feed for every type of horse and as a trainer it is crucial to be able to feed each horse as an individual based on its job and personality.

Jason Clukey
Seminole Wellness Champion Rider