Daniel Gibbs

  • daniel gibbsNRHA Open Money Earner
  • AQHA Point Earner
  • ARHA World Champion

“Our training program starts with a solid, basic reining foundation. Before we start training a horse that is going to compete in any discipline, we believe in taking the time to make sure the horses are physically strong, flexible, responsive to basic cues,mentally compliant, and confident. We want each horse to handle any situation, whether it is in the show arena, warm-up, out in the pasture or on a trail. Seminole Feed is a big part in our program reaching those goals.

I began Showing at the age of 10 and started out in Pony-club. I gained experience riding Cross Country, Show Jumping, and a little Dressage mixed in. That foundation really helped my horsemanship and riding ability. In my teens I began to switch to the western disciplines, mainly cattle events. My freshmen year of college I spent some time on Cornell Universities Polo team before transferring Universities.  Later and currently, we focus mainly on reining horses, and putting a solid foundation on prospects. I am an NRHA Money earner, and AQHA point earner. I also have been blessed to spend training time on a horse that went on to be an NRHA open Futurity Finalist. I Have won an ARHA world championship as well. However, I feel that my greatest accomplishment has and will continue to be turning out prospects that are both mentally and physically strong.”

Daniel Gibbs
Seminole Wellness Champion Rider

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