Emily Copeland

  • USDF Silver Medalist
  • 2011 FEI Young Horse Championships and Dressage at Devon
  • 2015 Festival of Champions Intermediate-1
  • Numerous national-level wins at Global Dressage Festival (Wellington FL)
  • FEI competitor with scores over 71%
  • Specializes in training Iberian (PRE and Lusitano) horses for dressage

I was first introduced to Seminole through my local feed store, Grand Prix Feeds in Wellington. I was having trouble keeping weight on my PRE stallion, Festivo, during his rigorous CDI show season at Global Dressage. I had tried many other “top” feeds but nothing was putting on weight or catering to his picky appetite. We started Festivo on the Wellness Senior, and I immediately saw a positive change in his appetite, body condition and attitude. I began doing my own research and became aware that Iberian horses are particularly prone to metabolic disorders and should thus avoid high-starch diets at all costs, so I realized that Seminole was a perfect choice for my barn. I have switched all of my horses to either the Wellness Senior Mix or DynaSport, and they have all blossomed on the Seminole products. I find the Seminole feeds give my horses a constant energy level without making them too hot, and I am able to feed an appropriate amount so that I never worry about over-feeding grain or starch. Since switching to Seminole, I have seen a positive change in the body condition of all of my horses—building topline and putting on weight in all the right places. I love the Seminole products, and I recommend them to all my friends and clients!

Emily Copeland
Seminole Wellness Champion Rider