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Nutrition You Can Trust, Quality You Can Count On, Safety You Expect

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CommitmentSince 1934
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Seminole Feed

Ingredients of a Winner

Feed to fit every need, from growing foals to senior equines
Medication Free
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High Quality
Why Seminole

Seminole has been a life changer for all my horses. Anywhere from pony hunters, rescue TBs, hard keepers and big jumpers, they all look amazing!

Valentina Timpone

I am always encouraging all of my colleagues and friends to feed Seminole. The proof is in my horse's and our client horses' coat, muscle, and performance.

Kyle Dewar

I get compliments all the time on how good my horses look and feel and a big component of that is because I use Seminole Wellness products.

Lauren Eckardt

We work with our in-barn clients to transition to Seminole products because we believe in the results we’ve seen and felt in our horses. We would challenge anyone to work with the Seminole team to develop a plan for their horses’ needs!

Clayton Fredericks

Why Seminole Feed.... there are really so many reasons. Consistency in the product, people and company. This feed is EXTREMELY fresh and always the same. Plus our horses look and feel AMAZING on Wellness Senior Mix!

BJ & Shelby Harris
Summer Feed Recommendation

Seminole Equalizer

A concentrated form of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Solutions

Start With Origin of Concern

As it relates to Age Related, Diet, Digestive, Metabolic, Respiratory

Select the Nutrition Related Condition

From orphan foals to geriatric horses, and those who suffer from conditions such as colic, cushing’s, laminitis, and tying up

Explore Tips & Feeds

Management and feeding tips along with specific feed recommendations
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Est. 1934

Our Story

Over 75 years ago, Seminole Feed® established its position as a trusted company with a stellar reputation. To this day, we work hard to maintain that respect and honor.

Seminole Feed®, a family-owned company, strives to provide the “World’s Best Equine Feed”. We value our personal touch and dedication to customer service. And we continue to honor our heritage today as we provide products, expertise, industry support and education for the exciting equine and agricultural industry.

Seminole is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed formula horse feeds. This diligent control over the manufacturing process, combined with Seminole’s finest-quality ingredients and superior formulas, ensures that customers are rewarded with the highest quality, most carefully formulated equine nutrition products available. Our feeds are milled in the all-natural, non-medicated Seminole Feed® mill in downtown Ocala, right in the middle of the Horse Capital of the World.

Seminole’s equine nutrition product line includes its wide range of signature premium and super-premium horse feeds, in addition to the nine products in the Seminole Wellness® line, which are low starch, super premium horse feeds. These Seminole and Seminole Wellness products are distributed throughout the southeast at Seminole’s vastly growing authorized dealer network.

In addition, Seminole sells a variety of forage products, such as alfalfa, timothy, timothy/alfalfa, orchard/alfalfa, forage cubes and pellets, bagged forage products and more. Seminole also owns and manages three Seminole Stores in Marion County, Florida, where we provide a huge selection of outstanding equine care products for anyone who owns or is interested in horses.

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Seminole News

What Does Quality Hay Look Like for Horses?
By Angie CrawfordApril 26, 2024
Optimize horse health! Learn about high-quality hay, tackle allergies, store hay right, and balance with feeds for top equine nutrition.
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Feeding Metabolic Horses
By Angie CrawfordApril 26, 2024
Feeding horses with metabolic issues requires careful consideration and proper management. These horses have unique dietary requirements that must […]
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Starches, Sugars, Carbohydrates in Equine Feed
By Angie CrawfordMarch 28, 2024
Understanding starches, sugars, and carbs in horse feed empowers informed choices for your equine companion's nutrition.
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Helping Those Hard Keepers
By Angie CrawfordMarch 27, 2024
Selecting the ideal fattening feed for your horse is vital for weight gain and health. Consider factors like age, activity level, and dietary restrictions. Opt for feeds with grains and fats, adjusting according to individual needs. Monitor weight gain and overall health for optimal results.
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What Vitamins Should a Horse Have?
By Angie CrawfordFebruary 23, 2024
Balance vitamins with essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium for strong bones, muscles, and nerve function in horses' diets.
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How Do I Increase Fiber in my Horse’s Diet?
By Angie CrawfordFebruary 23, 2024
Boost your horse's digestive health by upping fiber intake. Mix varied sources, balance with nutrients, and monitor well-being closely.
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What Do You Feed a Horse that is Prone to Colic?
By Angie CrawfordJanuary 30, 2024
Prevent colic in horses with a personalized diet plan. Learn causes, symptoms, and balanced nutrition. Regular vet check-ups for a healthy, thriving horse.
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4 Reasons To Feed Your Horse A Premium Feed
By Angie CrawfordJanuary 30, 2024
Explore the benefits of premium horse feed: enhanced stamina, muscle development, longevity, economic savings, and improved behavior for a thriving equine companion.
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What Big Bad Teeth You Have.
By Angie CrawfordDecember 28, 2023
Care for your horse's dental health with tailored adjustments. Soak hay, offer alternative forage, and be proactive in identifying issues for optimal well-being.
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Amino Acids In Horse Feed
By Angie CrawfordNovember 30, 2023
Explore the vital role of amino acids in horse nutrition, essential for growth and tissue maintenance. Learn about types and importance in equine diets.
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Ration Balancer for Horses
By Angie CrawfordOctober 20, 2023
Ration balancers are a valuable tool for horse owners to ensure that their horses are receiving a balanced diet. […]
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Should You Test Hay For Mineral Deficiencies?
By Angie CrawfordOctober 20, 2023
Should you test hay for mineral deficiencies? It's an important question for anyone in the agricultural or equine industry. […]
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Building a Horse’s Topline Nutritionally
By Angie CrawfordSeptember 28, 2023
Building a horse's topline, vital for balance and strength, depends on exercise and nutrition. This article delves into nutrition's role, vital nutrients, and harmonizing diet with training.
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Hay Belly In Horses
By Angie CrawfordSeptember 28, 2023
Hay belly in horses, stemming from a forage-heavy diet, presents as a swollen abdomen and, while seemingly benign, might hint at deeper health concerns needing care.
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True Cost of Feeding Your Horse
By Angie CrawfordAugust 29, 2023
Experience the joys of horse ownership while grasping the financial commitment. Nourishing these majestic creatures impacts both their health and your budget.
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How Can I Help My Horse Gain Weight?
By Angie CrawfordAugust 22, 2023
Horses, akin to humans, face weight challenges due to nutrition, health, or dental issues. Discover strategies to aid your horse's healthy weight journey.
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Alfalfa Cubes For Horses
By Angie CrawfordApril 1, 2023
Horses can be fed with alfalfa cubes in a convenient and healthy way. These cubes have gained popularity as […]
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The Flexible Flaxseed
By Angie CrawfordMarch 31, 2023
When it comes to catering to horses, owners may want to consider adding flaxseed to the horse's diet. Flaxseed […]
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Get to know a Super Fiber: Beet Pulp
By Angie CrawfordMarch 30, 2023
Beet pulp is an excellent and highly nutritious source of fiber for horses and is a great addition to […]
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Discover the Best Senior Horse Feed for Optimal Nutrition
By Angie CrawfordMarch 29, 2023
Caring for senior horses can be an especially rewarding experience for those lucky enough to have pre-retirement horses in […]
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The Benefits of Adding Electrolytes to Your Horse's Diet
By Angie CrawfordMarch 28, 2023
Electrolytes are essential for horses, especially when they take part in intense physical activity and sporting events. Adding electrolytes […]
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The Benefits of Rice Bran in Horse Feed
By Angie CrawfordMarch 27, 2023
Rice bran in horse feed is a healthy and nutritious option for nutrition, offering vital nutrients that can help support the health and performance of animals. Here, we explore the many benefits rice bran in horse feed has to offer and how it can be incorporated into nutrition programs with ease.
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Forage First - Preparing for Winter Hay Shortage
By Angie CrawfordOctober 12, 2021
Predicted winter shortage Western hay varieties like Timothy, Timothy-Alfalfa mixes, Orchardgrass mixes, and Alfalfa are the most desired of […]
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Equalizing the Diet: Protein and Ration Balancers
By Angie CrawfordJuly 6, 2017
Ration balancers are one of the most useful but misunderstood types of horse feed.  They are one of the […]
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Horse Feeding Myths and Misconceptions: Fact vs. Fiction
By Angie CrawfordJanuary 21, 2015
When it comes to feeding horses, there is no shortage of myths and old wives’ tales circulating through feed […]
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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
By Angie CrawfordDecember 5, 2014
Did you know that the symptoms of stomach ulcers in horses can be so subtle and nonspecific that they […]
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Understanding Forage’s Importance in Your Horse’s Diet
By Angie CrawfordSeptember 8, 2014
Why Is Forage So Important? Horses have evolved as grazers, spending as much as 16-18 hours a day grazing […]
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Equine Dentistry Four Things You Need to Know
By Angie CrawfordMay 23, 2014
We all want the best for our horses, as we do ourselves. Good nutrition, a comfortable place to live […]
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Selecting The Right Horse Feed
By Angie CrawfordApril 4, 2014
With so many horse feed options available to us today, it can seem like a daunting task to pick […]
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Feeding Broodmares & Foals
By Angie CrawfordMarch 6, 2014
Introduction The goal of most breeding programs is to produce a sound athlete, whether for the show ring or […]
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Feeding The Equine Athlete
By Angie CrawfordJanuary 14, 2014
Horses that are in work have vastly different nutritional needs than horses that are inactive. However, it’s the level […]
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Feeding The Senior Horse
By Angie CrawfordDecember 4, 2013
Is my horse old enough to be considered a senior?  When should I switch my horse to a senior […]
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