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General Questions

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  • Is the date printed on the back of my Wellness DynaSport bag an expiration date?

    No. On the back of every Seminole Feed we produce, you will find the “Date of Manufacture”, within this area is the Time of Manufacture (Military Time), Date of Manufacture, Lot Number, Bag Number, and the Bagger’s Initials. Example: 1428 07/22/19 8750 00182 JC

  • We will be traveling with feed, can you tell me how long my bag of Seminole Feed is good for?

    When determining the amount of time a product is still viable to feed, please refer to the following recommendations based on the Manufacture Date. The Manufacture Date can be found on the back of all Seminole Equine Feed bags.

    • Pelleted Feeds: For up to 6 months after the manufacture date it is safe to feed pellets, as long as the product is not moldy, contaminated, insect or rodent-infested.
    • Textured/Sweet Feeds: For up to 4 months after the manufacture date it is safe to feed textured or sweet feed, as long as the product is not moldy, contaminated, insect or rodent-infested.

    Please remember that all feed items are perishable and must be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area protected from animals and insects. Do not feed moldy, infested or contaminated feed to animals as it may cause illness or death. Our equine feeds are for consumption by horses only. “

  • Where is Seminole Feed manufactured, and is it an equine only facility?

    Seminole Feed is manufactured daily in the “Horse Capital of the World”, Ocala, Florida. At Seminole Feed, we are proud to have a plant that is free of all medications, ionophores, and pesticides, so there is never a chance of contamination with an ingredient that will cause a horse harm. The only feed ingredients we house in our plant are those safe for equine consumption.

  • How do I become an Authorized Seminole Feed Dealer?

    To become an Authorized Seminole Feed Dealer, please contact us today!


  • Do you happen to have a Spanish Brochure?

    Click here to download our Spanish Brochure.

Contacting Seminole & Dealer Locator

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  • How can I contact your nutritionist?

    Our Nutritionists are here to help! To contact one of our nutritionists, click here or call 800-683-1881, and ask to speak with a nutritionist, or email us at

  • How can I find a dealer near me?

    Whether you are looking for an Authorized Seminole Feed Dealer near your home farm, or while you’re traveling, visit our Dealer Locator


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  • What do you use for gut support in your feeds?

    Seminole and Seminole Wellness feeds contain yeast culture, a POSTbiotic, that has dual-action functionality to support immune function and digestive health. This microbial fermentate ingredient helps maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity, and promote a healthy microbial balance.

  • Do any of your feeds have ingredients that will test at rated events?

    As each event has different restrictions, it is the sole responsibility of the consumer (owners, trainers, and competitors) to be aware that some products may be prohibited in competition at elite levels. Some products may contain additives that may be restricted by some equine organizations. If you have questions about feeding specific products at elite levels, please contact our Nutritionist, call 800-683-1881, or email

  • My horse is eating just a handful of feed. He will get fat if I offer more, is he getting everything he needs?

    When a horse receives less than 3 pounds of feed, we recommend transitioning to our concentrated ration balancer, Seminole Equalizer. Those horses that cannot consume an adequate feed volume will benefit from the focused nutrition that a ration balancer like Seminole Equalizer provides. A 1000lb horse will receive 100% of the necessary vitamins & minerals in just 1lb/day. Ration balancers typically appear to have protein levels much higher than we are accustomed to feeding. Still, when we break down the math, we see that the concentration of nutrients is virtually equivalent to 3lbs of a 10% protein feed!

    For example: If we were to feed 3lbs of a 10% protein feed (3 x .10), the horse would receive .30lbs of protein. Looking at Seminole Equalizer at 32% protein, when fed at 1lb/day (1 x .32), this same horse will be receiving .32lbs of protein! The numerical difference is slight, but the benefit of using Seminole Equalizer is receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you have any questions or need help deciding if this is the feed for your horse, contact a Seminole Feed Nutritionist today!

Senior Horses

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  • My horse is older, when should I consider switching him to a Senior feed?

    The National Research Council defines no age or class of horse as “Senior.” When considering a time to switch to a Senior feed, we look at horses from a physiological vs. a chronological state of “age,” knowing that as horses get older, many physical changes become apparent: tooth loss, metabolic issues, or weight loss, which can require a higher plane of nutrition. If your horse is older and no longer able to maintain top line and an ideal Body Condition Score on his current diet, contact a Seminole Feed Nutritionist today to help you determine which Senior feed will be best for your equine partner.

  • What defines a Senior horse?

    The physiological state vs. age should define a senior horse. There is little research that explicitly considers the diet of the aging horse. Still, there is the suggestion that they require higher protein and trace minerals levels, along with an ample amount of highly digestible long-stemmed forage, which can come from pasture, hay cubes, and chopped forages.

  • My horse is older with some missing teeth and my vet suggested soaking her feed. What feeds does Seminole have that can be fed soaked?

    Soaking feed is recommended for horses prone to choke or with dentition issues like missing teeth. Both our Seminole Senior Formula and Wellness Senior Mix are complete feeds containing excellent sources of highly digestible fiber, vitamins, minerals, and yeast culture for gut support, benefitting older horses. Added hot water quickly allows the meal to become a soupy gruel, making it easily consumed.


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  • Why is your product more expensive than other brands?

    Seminole Feed is one of the few companies that utilize fixed formulas to manufacture their feeds. Because of this, the ingredients or recipes NEVER change even if ingredient prices rise. Other companies employ “least-cost” or even a new term “constant nutrition,” of which all will have a tag sewn on the bag. We all have to meet the Guaranteed Analysis by law, but you may not see consistent tags by non-fixed formula companies. As ingredient prices change, so do their ingredients or ratios of ingredients. Seminole’s attention to the reliability of tried and tested recipes, through fixed formulations, help to decrease the chances of colic and feed refusal due to abrupt diet changes.

  • Why do prices change from dealer to dealer?

    We allow all of our Authorized Seminole Feed dealers the freedom of setting their prices; otherwise, it would be considered illegal price-fixing. Each dealer must consider the cost of the feed, shipping, overhead, insurance, taxes, store delivery, truck maintenance, and any other fees associated with doing business when setting their retail prices. The operational cost swings in an independent feed dealership typically vary depending on the state, location, and the number of employees.