Kyle Dewar

Successful FEI Grand Prix Competitor
NAYRC Medalist
Multiple Hi Point Jr. Rider - Spruce Meadows

We feed Wellness DynaSport and our horses look better than I have ever seen. We use very few supplements because of the amazing quality of Seminole Feed.

Seminole Feed, as a company, is an amazing asset for our success. Without their continuing support and hands-on guidance, there would be a huge hole in the care of our horses.

The freshness of the feed is also a HUGE plus for us. It smells like it was made yesterday (and it usually was!). The stress our horses are under we need the best, freshest grain possible and we have that with Seminole.

The horses have just the right amount of energy and both hunters, ponies, equitation and jumpers can all eat the same grain.

I am always encouraging all of my colleagues and friends to feed Seminole. The proof is in my horse's and our client horses' coat, muscle, and performance.

Kyle Dewar
Seminole Wellness Champion Rider
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