Lauren Eckardt


  • Advanced Level Event Rider
  • Long Listed for the 2000 United States Eventing Team
  • 2011 AEC Champion & Reserve Champion in BN, Reserve Champion in Novice
  • Multiple Area & National Rankings

I’m a big believer that when it comes to horses, less is more.  This is why I LOVE Wellness feeds.  Their consistent formulation of fresh, high quality ingredients has made my horses look, feel, and ride better than ever.  I love how the low starch feeds don’t get my horses all amped up, yet keeps them looking happy and healthy with a positive work ethic.  Since my livelihood is based on the performance of my horses, feed is everything when it comes to keeping my horses strong—both physically and mentally. When a feed keeps a horse’s energy level is where it should be, it keeps their mind right. Eventing horses are elite athletes and Wellness gives them the edge to compete and succeed at a higher level.  It is a complete feed that I truly believe in.

Lauren Eckardt
Seminole Wellness Champion Rider