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Champion Rider

Leah Khorsandian Ellis


  • 3 Star Event Rider

  • USDF Bronze Medalist

  • Graduate HA Pony Clubber

  • POF Pony Club Riding Center Administrator

  • Trainer of students competing from Beginner Novice through Intermediate Levels

  • Organizer and course designer for 3-phase, jumper and dressage shows

  • Trainer/Manager of Parrish Oaks Farm

Champion Rider Quote

I currently love feeding the combination of Dynasport and Equalizer after a consultation and recommendation by a Seminole Rep. Dynasport offers the rare combination of a 12% protein and 14% fat while also being low in NSC and high in fiber. The Equalizer is a great complement to any feed, like a daily vitamin, boosting extra amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A Seminole Feed Rep visited my farm, we spoke about the level of work each horse was doing, and they recommended these great feeds. I truly believe the Reps are a highly underutilized wealth of knowledge. I encourage everyone that has feed questions to contact a Seminole Feed Rep directly, they’re happy to help.

I train and compete all levels of horses from my 3 star horse, Landor, to some OTTBs at the lower levels. I love the topline Seminole Feed puts on all of them. Their coats are shiny, hooves have good growth, and they feel ready to work.

Knowing my horses are receiving the best feed with a fixed formula, I can fully focus on their training. I’m so thankful to Seminole Feed for providing the high quality feed I can trust to fuel my horses.

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Feed to fit every need, from growing foals to senior equines

Wellness SportHorse® – Textured

Seminole Feed Osceola 10

Osceola 10 Sweet – Textured

Seminole Feed Profecta 14

Profecta™ 14 – Pelleted

Seminole Feed Exacta 12

Exacta™ 12- Textured

Wellness DynaSport® – Textured

Seminole Feed UltraBloom

Ultra Bloom® – 40# Extruded Pellet

Seminole Feed Equalizer™

Equalizer – 40# Pellet

Seminole Feed Xcelerace™

Xcelerace – Textured

Wellness Senior Mix® – Textured

Seminole Senior Formula™

Senior Formula – Textured