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Seminole Equalizer

A concentrated form of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Solutions

  • Start With Origin of Concern

    As it relates to Age Related, Diet, Digestive, Metabolic, Respiratory

  • Select the Nutrition Related Condition

    From orphan foals to geriatric horses, and those who suffer from conditions such as colic, cushing’s, laminitis, and tying up

  • Explore Tips & Feeds

    Management and feeding tips along with specific feed recommendations

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Est. 1934

Our Story

Over 75 years ago, Seminole Feed® established its position as a trusted company with a stellar reputation. To this day, we work hard to maintain that respect and honor.

Seminole Feed®, a family-owned company, strives to provide the “World’s Best Equine Feed”. We value our personal touch and dedication to customer service. And we continue to honor our heritage today as we provide products, expertise, industry support and education for the exciting equine and agricultural industry.

Seminole is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed formula horse feeds. This diligent control over the manufacturing process, combined with Seminole’s finest-quality ingredients and superior formulas, ensures that customers are rewarded with the highest quality, most carefully formulated equine nutrition products available. Our feeds are milled in the all-natural, non-medicated Seminole Feed® mill in downtown Ocala, right in the middle of the Horse Capital of the World.

Seminole’s equine nutrition product line includes its wide range of signature premium and super-premium horse feeds, in addition to the nine products in the Seminole Wellness® line, which are low starch, super premium horse feeds. These Seminole and Seminole Wellness products are distributed throughout the southeast at Seminole’s vastly growing authorized dealer network.

In addition, Seminole sells a variety of forage products, such as alfalfa, timothy, timothy/alfalfa, orchard/alfalfa, forage cubes and pellets, bagged forage products and more. Seminole also owns and manages three Seminole Stores in Marion County, Florida, where we provide a huge selection of outstanding equine care products for anyone who owns or is interested in horses.


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