Seminole Wellness®

Seminole Wellness® is a complete line of scientifically formulated, low-starch premium horse feeds. In the early 1990’s Seminole Feed® began researching the benefits of low- starch equine feeds, and in 1996, introduced the first high-quality, fixed-formula feed into the American market, nearly a decade ahead of the competition.
Research shows that low-starch horse feeds are a better choice for hyperactivity, laminitis, colic, tying-up, developmental orthopedic diseases and metabolic disorders commonly associated with diets high in non-structural carbohydrates.

Beneficial nutrients and additives in Seminole Wellness® horse feeds include:

wellnessadappleCorn-Free: Minimizing the risk associated with high starch intake

Vitamin & Mineral Fortified: Meets NRC recommended vitamins and minerals when fed as directed

Antioxidants: Zinc, Manganese, Copper and organically derived Selenium yeast coupled with Vitamin E function to protect cells against the effects of free radicals

Ultra Bloom®: Stabilized rice bran which provides additional calories in a highly palatable, easy-to-chew pellet

Low NSC: Reduced concentrations of cereal grains, to enable feeding of horses with carbohydrate sensitivities

Yeast Culture: Provides pre-and probiotic properties to improve fiber digestibility and support gut health

Chelates: Increase bioavailability of minerals to support metabolic functions

Highly Digestible Proteins: Supplying essential amino acids, including Lysine, Methionine & Threonine, from alfalfa and soybean meal, which create quality protein for tissue growth and repair

Highly Digestible Fats: Soy, rice bran & flaxseed provide a rich source of fat for energy, reducing the reliance on starch & sugar

Highly Digestible Fibers: Calories sourced from high digestible fibers like soy hulls, alfalfa, and beet pulp, are ideal for ulcer-prone or carb sensitive horses

Herbal Formulas: Enhanced with nine all-natural herbs providing an irresistible aroma and exquisite flavor to satisfy even the finickiest eaters (Wellness Calm & Cool®, Wellness Herbal Blend™, Wellness Senior Mix®)